Corporate Chair Massage

The Spa offers on-site therapeutic and relaxation massage at your work site. We have talented therapists providing clothed chair massages throughout the on_site_chair_massagearea.
Regular “corporate” massage sessions have been shown to reduce stress, increase overall productivity, and decrease absenteeism and repetitive-stress injuries. Plus, your employees will love you for it!

Common Table Massage Plans

  1. Company pays 100% – Employee participation is high.
  2. Company and associate split cost – For example: 50/50

*Prices/fees can be customized per company.

Contact us for pricing and booking your event.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do we need a special room for you to work?

Answer: Chair massage does not require any special space. An empty office, work cubicle, or any small space such as the corner of a conference room will be suitable.

Question: Will I have to take off my clothing?

    Answer: When receiving your massage you will remain clothed. You may remove your jacket, tie, jewelry, or other items that might interfere with your massage.

Question: How long will my massage last?

    Answer: Typical sessions last between ten and twenty minutes.

Question: What are the benefits of chair massage in the workplace?

    Answer: Chair massage reduces the physical and mental effects of stress, thus helping prevent burnout and stress-related diseases. Massage reduces the adverse effects of sitting for long periods of time in the same position, as well as relieving physical problems associated with repetitive tasks. Chair massage improves the ability to focus, and is an antidote for work “slumps”. Massage helps relieve common problem conditions such as tension headaches and stiff or sore muscles. It improves the immune system, contributing to better general health and resistance to colds and other illnesses. Chair massage leaves employees revitalized and ready to return to work.