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Swedish Massage
The traditional massage used by therapist to place the guest outside of their daily lives and into a more relaxed state of being.

With 7,000 nerve endings in the feet, nothing can be more relaxing or beneficial to the mind and body than a deep foot massage.

Prenatal Massage
A special massage technique designed with the expectant mother in mind. Particular techniques are used to help relieve tension usually felt in the lower and upper back. This massage is adapted to each clients particular needs at the time of treatment.

Spot muscle treatment
A combination of techniques and products are used to quickly relieve the tension felt in sore or pulled muscles. Ask your therapist if this may help any aches or pains that you may be experiencing

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60 minutes $60.00
90 minutes $90.00


Deep Tissue Massage
The aches and pains of daily life are relieved using deep tissue techniques to release taut and knotted muscles. Not to be confused with a Swedish massage because the goal is not so much relaxation now but relief from then on.

Sports Massage
A combination of deep tissue techniques and table stretches are used to relieve aches and pains related to the active lifestyle. Trigger points located in sore muscles are relieved using static holds, which flush out lactic acid build-up and relieve tension.

Medical Massage
A combination of treatments help one recover from injuries such as from an auto accident, sports injuries or work related accidents. Insurance sometimes cover these services. We can accept P.I.P from auto insurance and Flex plan options. Inquire to see if your covered.

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