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Superficial facials may make you feel as if you’ve been pampered, but there has been no permanent change in your skin.

We give you long-lasting results by using physician grade products that give you a more youthful appearance.  Skin Treatment therapist will analyze and diagnose your skin and provide you with customized skin care appropriate to your particular skin type.

They will design a treatment plan specific to the special needs of your skin, whether it be acne, dry skin, broken capillaries. Even if your skin is in good condition, you need deep facial cleanings to maintain your skins optimum health, and to cleanse it from the damaging effects of pollution, make-up and excess accumulation from the oil glands.  The younger you are when you begin a program of regular professional facials, the younger you will look.  In addition, our skin treatments will be a pleasant, relaxing experience for you, especially after a stressful day at work.

Deep Cleansing Facial

This advanced and active treatment addresses conditions of acne without drying the superficial layers of the skin. A disincrustaion solution is used to dissolve the acne impaction and shedding of the follicle lining. Additional nourishing products are used to slow the production of oils, inhibit bacteria, and reduce inflammation. Includes skin consultation, analysis and product suggestion. Great for anyone with active acne or the occasional breakout. $60

Custom Skin Care Correction 
Each of these facials are custom designed for the individual client and the skin conditions you want corrected. Each facial is adjusted to meet your individual needs because no two people have the same problem or the same solution. After each facial product, knowledge and suggestions will be discussed to achieve your goals $60

Express Facial
This cleansing facial is designed for the client on the go. In less than twenty minutes, you get a full facial that leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated.$30

Power Peel
Microdermabrasion is a technique that uses crystals to peel off dead cells from your face, stimulating new cell growth and giving your skin a healthy glow. After a series of four to eight treatments, your skin will appear much brighter, wrinkles on your forehead and around the mouth will be less obvious, acne scars will improve, and skin pigmentation will lighten and become more even. Microdermabrasion will give you similar results as a chemical peel, but without the five-day “downtime” needed for the skin to peel. You can get a microdermabrasion treatment during your lunch break, then return to work without the redness or other irritating side effects that sometimes occur from other peels.$60appt now